Building Materials

We stock a range of fencing and building materials ideal for outdoor construction projects.

fencing cement

GB Cement

Applications – Fence post footings, repointing of brickwork, paving, foundations, brickwork mortar and the repairing of concrete. Australian Builders G.B. Cement is the perfect, well rounded cement for all of today’s demanding projects.

20kg & 40kg bags available.

building concrete

AB Concrete

Applications – Making pathways, mower strips small concrete slabs as well as securing clothes hoists and fence posts. It’s also ideal for concrete floors in small garden sheds and repair work to concrete and brickwork footings on small projects.

20kg, 30kg & 40kg bags available.

quick set concrete fencing material

Quick-set Concrete

Applications – Any use where a strength of up to 15mpa is sufficient and quick setting is required. For instance for fencing, pergola posts, clothes hoists and general landscaping needs. (Not suitable for structural use.)

20kg & 40kg bags available.


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